Walk With Me

There are times in life where the choice is removed, where no matter what you do or what you say, you cannot change the events unfolding around you, where things are simply out of your control. As much as you wish otherwise, losing your child is a very real possibility, especially if that child is born prematurely. It’s never easy. In fact, hard isn’t a strong enough word to describe it. 

For some, the world feels as if it has ended. For others, there’s nothing. A blank face where emotions used to show upon your features, silence where your voice used to be. With its roots in that very kind of loss, Walk With Wings understands the grief you’re going through, and we want to tell you that you’re not alone. Our founders lost their little baby too.

To lose a child, at any stage, for a parent that is the worst kind of loss. There are no words, it’s indescribable, and while not everyone can relate, for the most part they understand that grief.

But often, people forget that it’s not just the parents who are suffering. Siblings, of any age, are going through that very same grief but more often than not, young brothers and sisters are handed off to babysitters and protected from the grief of their parents with little to no explanation for what’s going on.

The experience of grief within the family can prove to be one of isolation, but even more so for a child. Not only have they lost a member of the family, but nothing has been clearly explained to them to help them with this process. Loneliness can set in from the child’s perspective as the people who are their universe are suddenly full of so much hurt. That a family member who has been lost has more importance than the living.

Walk With Wings is dedicated to healing the family as a whole.

Register for Walk With Me

We are now taking registrations for Walk With Wings - Walk With Me Support Group. If you know any children 5-18 years of age who have recently lost a loved one (Mum, Dad, Sibling or Grandparent) please send us a message. 

We are currently taking registrations for our 10-week support program for children who have lost a loved one to be able to meet other children who have also lost a loved one to help show them they are not alone and that there are other children who understand their journey of grief.

Over the 10-week program we will work with the children to help them understand what they are feeling and how they can work through their feelings in a positive manner while remembering their loved one. We will also have activities for the children, each child will also receive a memory box to keep as a gift from us.

This support group is 100% FREE to all children and families involved as we do not want to be an added stress at this time.

For more information on this group please feel free to Contact us.