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                                                These letter can be written in first person view ie. (Hello there my name is .. . . . . I would like to share my journey with                                                            you....... we hope everything is ok and we wish your family all the best).

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Eliah and Zaida

The story of my premmies by Rochelle Kemp 

My first, Eliah, was born at 31 weeks spontaneously due to my uterus didelphys. At 13 weeks i had a big bleed. We were told i was loosing my baby and i was admitted to the ward to wait for it to happen. Nothing happened and the next day i was sent for an ultra sound to find bub was fighting strong. It happened again at 17 weeks, and yet again bubs was still putting up a fight. The had bleeds throughout the rest of my pregnancy. At 20 weeks we found out that our baby had " TGA, with a VSD" ( a heart defect requiring surgery) At 30+5 i noticed bubs movements had slowed and after a trip to women's assessment found out my waters were slowly leaking and i was admitted to ward. At 31 weeks exactly my waters broke and i was prepped for an emergency c section as bubs was breech and the cord was between his legs. Just after my spinal block was put in, the drs asked me to push. Baby had came out vaginally with a leg and up to his bellybutton. They couldn't get him out so had to push him back up and perform the section. Eli went on to spend 11 weeks in hospital, including a trip to Melbourne for heart surgery, but was sent back as he was too small. A few days later we bought him home and he is now a wild soon to be 3yr old coping OK without the heart surgery for now.

My second baby, little Zaida,was born at 32+1. I had bleeding throughout my pregnancy, and went in basically every 2 weeks for anti d shots. At 25 weeks it was discovered i had Cervical Cancer. It was planned for baby to be born at 32 weeks via section and i would have a radical hysterectomy at the same time to remove the cancer. Luckily Zaida stayed put and she was delivered safely. My surgery was a success and all the cancer was removed. My little gem came home on the early discharge program at 34+6 weeks. I wasn't due for a pap smear for another 7 months. If i wasn't pregnant, i don't want to imagine how different my story could be.
Zaida is also our rainbow baby after loosing our baby at Christmas time last year.

My premmies have shown me strength i never knew i had.


Harlen was born at 25 weeks 6 days on June 25th 2014. 

He spent 12 weeks at the WCH hospital where they took excellent care of him. He was born with stage 1 bleeding on the brain and a cyst which cleared itself. 

At week 3 he had a blood transfusion which saved his life. 

The first month was the hardest, by second month it becomes your home and I loved all the nurses and doctors.  By the 3rd month I started to really enjoy him as i could start to attempt breastfeeding and hold Harlen for as long as I wanted, when I wanted ♡♡ he came home off of tube feeds and no oxygen on his 12th week at 36 weeks. He has just turned 3 years old and has a baby brother. He has grown into a beautiful healthy boy who we cherish so very much. I thank all the doctors and nurses every day we are so very grateful.


On 6 November 2012 at 6.30am Harrison Robert Ray Norris surprised his Mummy that he was ready and it was time to go to the hospital. Once Kerry and James arrived they were told it was "too late to stop your labour, your baby is breech and we need to take you to a theater for an emergency cesarean now. We will be delivering your baby today!". 

Harri was born via emergency cesarean at 7.33am at 33 weeks gestation. He weighed a tiny 4 pounds and only just fitted into 0000000 size clothes. Harri was a strong little man who fought so hard for such a young age. No matter what anyone said Harri was there to prove them wrong. Their beautiful boy struggled to breathe, feed and gain weight, requiring oxygen, steroids and nasogastric tubes, along with the many other obstacles a premature baby faces. 



On Wednesday 11/1/17 we went in for our routine 20wk scan. Little miss decided to be stubborn and wouldn't move to the right position so it took a couple goes to get the right info but after being at the scan for 4hrs the phonographer was concerned with sereral different things. 
Firstly Amilia was measuring at 17wks not 20wks. There were also other issue regarding her heart rate and blood flow. We finally headed home after 6hrs of being at Benson's and were told the hospital will call me. 
We received that call and the Dr had explained as best as they could what they believed the issues were. 
I had to come in for a blood test as to rule out any infections in my body they I may not have known about that maybe hurting our little Amilia.