One of the best moments for any premmie parent is having the nursing staff tell you that it's OK to dress your baby. Sometimes it may only happen once a week or once a day, as every premmie is different. There is a choice of suits, hats and gowns available from the clothing pool in the NICU wards. This is only possible thanks to the kind donations of hand made items including hats and gowns from amazing volunteers.

Being so small and delicate it is often hard to find clothing that is approved by the nursing staff inside any NICU or special care nursery. We have hand picked a select few patterns that are okay for use inside of the wards.

With a huge thank you to all of our amazing volunteers in the Knits and Stitches Program we are able to offer families the opportunity to take home an outfit that is not from the clothing pools. This piece will be theirs to keep and cherish, to remember their time in hospital with their little one. 

When our stock levels become too high we do also sell some full term pieces through our store for newborn parents to purchase with all funds raised going back into the program, for marketing and materials.


Our Packages for Premmie Parents include:

  • 1x Beanie
  • 1x Gown
  • 1x Booties
  • 1x Blanket
  • 1x Bear

All materials and Fabrics shall be in either purple, white or blue or incorporating these colours together in some garmets. Acrylic-wool blend or 100% acrylic yarns are suitable.

Sewn gowns the Fabric shall be a soft children's pattern on one side and a plain colour on other side in either blue, purple or white. Fabric that may be used includes soft cotton, thin flannelette and breathable cottons please no long pile or fluffy material.

Completed outfits (with or without press studs or Velcros) can be posted to: Walk With Wings, 6/99 Grand Junction Road, Rosewater SA 5013 . 

Keep an eye out for our Knits and Stitches coffee clubs for a Stitch together groups held periodically throughout the year at our events. 

Register as a Knit's and Stitches Volunteer with Walk With Wings

Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to register your interest as Knit's and Stitches volunteer with Walk With Wings.

Registering with us will ensure you are notified of any changes in patterns for our care packages, if we have excess stock levels in one area or any current events we have up and coming.

Some answers to common questions we get asked

1. I have my own pattern for a Garmet that could be suitable, can I use this instead?

We are unable to use a large variety of patterns and seek approval on each from the busy nursing staff as they do not find all of them suitable.

2. How do I know if I have printed the patterns at the correct size? It looks very small!

These outfits are very small! Patterns should be printed at a scale of 100% on A4 paper (do not select 'fit to page').

3. What material is suitable for sewing the outfits?

Soft and lightweight cotton fabrics in fun patterns or colours are the preferred choice for outer fabric and soft, lightweight plain cotton fabrics for linings. 

We cannot use poly-cottons (due to increased static and clinging) or satins, thick flannelette, jersey or fleece.

4. I don't have the equipment required to add the snaps, can I send my completed outfit without these?

Yes, absolutely! You are more than welcome to send sewn outfits completed up to the stage where snaps would be added and our sewing coordinator will arrange for this step to be completed.

5. Do I have to send an outfit with a matching beanie? Or can I provided the individual items?

We will gratefully accept any combination of only outfits, only beanies or outfits and beanies. We understand that not all sewers are knitters and vice versa! 

6. Can I add other embellishments, embroidery or decorations to the outfits?

Minimal embellishments may be added to the front of the outfits that do not interfere with functionality nor contact babies skin directly.

7. What yarn is suitable for knitting the beanies?

Acrylic-wool blend or 100% acrylic yarns are suitable; we are not able to utilise 100% wool fabric due to hospital requirements. 

8. I can't knit but I love to crochet! Can I still help?

We have a few patterns available in both crochet and knitted patterns.

9. Can I drop my item in to your office rather than posting them?

You most certainly can we are available Tuesday to Saturday at 6/99 Grand Junction Road Rosewater SA 5013 if you cannot send via post or drop items past at our office we may be able to find another member of Knits and Stitches that could be close by that can help. 
Please don's hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Thank you for registering for our Knits and Stitches program, Our patterns are available through the links to the left of the page please feel free to print them off. thank you again your help is greatly appreciated.
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Knits and Stiches

Here you will find some perfect little patterns to sew some perfect sized pieces. 
Thank you for taking the time to Knit or Stitch for our little preemie miracles. the items you make can be donated and we will pass them onto families around South Australia. 

Sewing Patterns

Knitting Patterns

Crochet Patterns