Capturing your life in Stone

Lets create a memory in a moment and capture it to last a lifetime.

Keepsake Creations by Walk With Wings

Walk With Wings Specialise in Newborn castings and children up to 18yrs old.
A framed keepsake to last a lifetime, our newborn and childrens castings are an amazing momento of just how small and precious your little ones hands and feet are. too look back upon in years to come and to display on your walls at home or office your frame comes complete and is ready to hang.

What sets Walk With Wings apart?

Keepsake Creation's by Walk With Wings offer families the chance to capture those truley magnificent hands and feet of your loved on in a framed keepsake that will last a lifetime.

The materials we use are all Australian and our frames are hand crafted by Australian business's the materials are of the highest quality available to ensure the best mold of your loved ones hands and feet. 

Our Impressionists are highly trained individuals who have a passion for creating your special keepsake.

During your casting session you will meet one of our amazing life casters who has a diverse background in casting and impressions. Our casting material we use is a very safe and harm free alginate similar to the impression material the dentists use. it is 100% non-toxic and derive from seaweed. the alginate will be warm so as to be nice and comfortable for your little one and once placed around your loved ones hand or foot will take approx 2 minutes to form into a mold. 

with this mold we than use a granite stone to pour into the molds and let it dry using a chemical enhancer to dry faster and form harder than a rock. A casting booking generally takes approx 1 hour and includes framing selections.