Angel Castings

Walk With Wings is a South Australian Charity which offers free hand and feet impressions to bereaved families, we are honored to assist in building memories and creating memories for angels families from 18 weeks gestation to 18 years of age.

Often at such a hard time families are faced with many choices and decisions at the death of their loved one, and it is quiet often a bombardment of material from hospitals and funeral home and emergency services. 

Unfortunately time is often against us in our casting process, meaning we need to be able to visit our angels within days or weeks before ceremonies and final goodbyes. 

Our Impressionists are available 24hrs a day and our team are often out on the road traveling from location to location. 

Our impressionists travel to all hospitals, funeral homes, and mortuaries in South Australia at current and are looking to advance to all regions of Australia soon.

With our generous families and supporting individuals funds raised through events and venues throughout the year help us offer our services to families in need. 

"There is no hand or foot  too BIG or too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world"

Our Team are Specialists in Stillbirth, early child loss, Palliative Care, Motor Vehicle Accidents and sudden unexplained child loss From 16 weeks gestation to 18 yrs old.

To make a booking for your little one please head to our contact us page.

If you have had your Angels castings taken please take the time to fill out our Booking Form.