Walk With Wings has been established to raise awareness for Preterm Labour, Premature Babies, to offer support and an understanding for parents during their journey through NICU, PICU and SCN.

Walk With Wings are proud to be able to offer all of our services free of charge to families
with many different projects throughout our Australian community. Walk With Wings are advocates for families in the Premature Birth and Pregnancy Loss Communities, supporting Parents with Premature Babies and Parents of Angel Babies.
Please follow through the services links below to find out more about the support and services Walk With Wings offer and to find if you they are available to you.

June marks the time of our flagship annual event, Harriā€™s Walk With Wings. Held on the 29th June, this grueling 80km walk in honour of little baby Harrison Norris is a test of pure endurance and resilience. Every 10km walked represents one of the 8 precious weeks that Harrison spent with his family.

The walk was not for the faint of heart and there were options to walk 20, 40 or the full 80km distance, but after pushing through pain and tiredness there is both relief and appreciation from every walker who went the distance.

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Support our walkers for 2019

Adam Bailey

Alison Frencken

Amy Moyle

Caleb & Hayla

Caterina D'agostino

Dan Buck

James Norris

Jordie-pie and Sallikins

Kristina Peters

Laura Musuruca

Russell Buckler

Sally Young

Simone Rae

Sonya Kelly

Tamica Dunn

Tegan Bailey

Trina Anderson

Team Harri

Tina Peters

Team Violet


Angel Impressions

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